A Genius Scientist Created Drip-Free Wine Bottles So You Can Savor Every Drop


There are few things worse than spending some of your hard-earned cash on a choice bottle of wine to lose a decent amount of it down the side of the bottle after so many pours. Sure, those classy restaurants have the napkin wrapped around the bottle, but it’s not about the mess (at least for most of us), it’s about getting every last drop of the sweet nectar into our mouths.

Now, thanks to Daniel Perlman, a Brandeis University biophysicist with over 100 patents to his name, we can all rest assured that our wine will end up right where it’s supposed to — in our glasses.

Take a look at this:

There are plenty of devices that can plug into your bottle in an effort to reduce spillage, but they look clunky and feel like they’re trying too hard. Also — the aesthetic. Who wants to have to carry some apparatus around?


The science behind the “perfect pour” bottle (as we’re calling it) is remarkably simple. After studying slow motion bottles of wine being poured, Perlman, with the help of an engineer wielding a diamond-studded drill, added a groove around the bottle opening. This groove creates a ridge that keeps that maverick drip that finds its way down the neck of the bottle from moving (thanks, gravity) and it instead falls into the glass with the rest of its soon to be consumed droplet friends and family.

Brandeis points out the fact that wine bottles haven’t innovated in hundreds of years, the time is ripe. Waste not, want not.