Embrace The Incarcerated Sommelier Within, Courtesy Of This Prison Wine Guide

Tired of needing to be repeatedly sent to jail to enjoy that sweet sweet prison wine? Thankfully, there’s another way! Oh, also said “another way” might kill you.

The art of making “Pruno” has been placed on display by de facto vintners Brian Brushwood and Jason Murphy who elect to make their own prison wine on behalf of The Modern Rogue. Considering that the video’s title is “Making Pruno (Prison Wine That Can Kill You),” we recommend exercising caution before following along like it’s a tutorial or a challenge to your internal organs. Viewers are presented with two different recipes for prison wine, but only one seems far less likely to kill you, so the hosts only ingest the second safer recipe.

As you can see, preparing clink hooch is a glamorous process. Eat your heart out, Carlos Santana.

Magnifique! The image above is of the more dangerous take on Pruno, but the safer version (yeast and juice ahoy!) earns a warm review from our prison wine guides.

“I normally have an okay palette when it comes to tasting alcohol in something,’ notes Brushwood after knocking the concoction back. “If you gave this to me, I would just assume it’s sparkling orange juice.”

To be fair, both versions have a smidge more dignity than boxed wine.

(Via AV Club)