Dunkin’ Donuts Is Being Sued Over Its Steak-And-Egg Sandwiches Not Having Any Actual Steak

Dunkin’ Donuts, America’s premiere second place caffeine distributor, also sells food, which you might be forgiven for forgetting about as you stumble in, bleary-eyed, seeking only the dark ichor of wakefulness to propel you ever forward. But some people do eat there! And now one of them is suing Dunkin’ Donuts for the revelation that its steak and egg sandwiches lack, well, steak.

Specifically, the class-action lawsuit filed in Queens claims that the meat on those sandwiches is not steak in the legal sense, namely a boneless, continuous strip of meat off an animal. Instead it’s ground beef, so technically it’s a hamburger on a bagel with an egg on it. Considering steak and eggs is a popular hangover cure, we’re not sure it matters in a practical sense, but since Dunky’s charges more for its faux steak, in theory this is a big ol’ ripoff and the chain owes everyone who’s ever had this sandwich their quarters back.

Whether it will get that far is an open question, of course. Lawsuits like these are filed all the time. But, if nothing else, when you bite into your bagel sandwich, you can rest assured that somebody out there is watching out for what’s between the slices.