A Travel Expert Explains Why Easter Island Should Be On Your Dream Vacation List

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La Carmina

The traditional fedora-wearing (and decidedly, white and male) adventurer “Indiana Jones-ing” his way through the lush foliage of a remote jungle in search of treasure has more recently transitioned into lithe-bodied (also generally white) twenty-somethings inviting the world into tropical vistas via The ‘Gram. Both are interesting and inspiring in their own ways. But, the shared drawback of both is that they have become pervasive tropes in some ways. So, it is our extreme pleasure to introduce you to a travel professional who fits into neither category and has just as much authority.

The child of people from Hong Kong, La Carmina was born and raised in Vancouver, British Colombia, Canada. She graduated from Columbia University in three years, got accepted to Yale law school at 20, and graduated with a Juris Doctor degree. Reading all that is unlikely to conjure an image of the woman as she is: a petite goth with a rotating array of bright hair colors and a fantastic sense of off-center style. A self-described Morticia Adams meet Hello Kitty, she is definitely an alternative to the norm. She is also cool af.

Who better than this award-winning travel and fashion blogger, journalist, author, and television personality to sing the praises of the Chilean island Rapa Nui (AKA) Easter Island? Very few people make the trek to the UNESCO World Heritage Site known for its large stone heads called moai (because you can only get there by taking a five and a half hour plane journey from Bora Bora or Santiago, Chile). But, La Carmina is here to tell you that it is worth the time and the money (As you could imagine, flights are pretty spendy).

“You have to buy souvenirs,” La Carmina laughed. “I bought little stone heads and T-shirts. I don’t buy souvenirs, but Easter Island was a total once in a lifetime thing.”

To see more of the images from her travels and learn why Easter Island is a must-visit in her own words, read on. Chances are, by the end, you will end up putting Easter Island on your bucket list.

La Carmina

The Landscape Is Out Of This World

La Carmina

It’s one of the most fascinating landscapes I’ve ever seen. I’ve been to a lot of places around the world; I’ve been to some pretty spacey environments like Iceland, but Easter Island I describe as Mario Land. Because you really don’t feel like it’s somewhere … There’s no frame of reference. It doesn’t feel like any other city or nature area because the landscapes are so bizarre.