Would You Pay $1050 To Eat At This Pop-Up Restaurant On Mount Everest?

When it comes to culture defining restaurants like The French Laundry, El Bulli, and NOMA, the most important work is done by the massive staff of cooks, bakers, sous-chefs, and line cooks. These are the people who keep those famous kitchens churning. They are the unsung stars who will become the next great generation of cooks, who will go out into the world and do something great. And then we get to eat their amazing food when that happens.

The best example of how this talent spreads is NOMA and the chefs who come out of Rene Redzepi’s delectably exalted restaurant. Tom Aikens is one of those chefs. He’s left the teeth-cutting kitchen of NOMA and is out there in the world making his mark with a team called One Star House Party — with the aim of executing 20 pop ups in 20 countries.

It looks like Aikens took the Kayne route and decided to be “dope and do dope shit.” One Star House Party has already popped up in Beijing, Ho Chi Minh City, and Bangkok with wild success. Their next stop is taking culinary excellence higher still (sorry).

Aikens’ team will be serving a $1,050 per person tasting menu at Everest’s Base Camp. And, no, that price does not include travel to and from Everest which takes a couple grand more and at least two weeks.

Two weeks and thousands of dollars for one meal on Everest? It might be worth it just for the story. Here are some shots from One Star House Party to get the mouth watering and the travel bug itching!

(Via Grub Street)