Nas Wants To Help You Get Fit With Cricket Protein Bars

03.08.16 3 years ago 5 Comments

Hard work plus lots of protein equals muscles. But if you care about the environment at all, you’re probably a bit hesitant to beef up on beef. What’s an Earth-conscious meathead to do? Take Nas’ advice and get into Exo bars. The NYC-based rapper has just invested in the company, whose aim is to bring cricket flour-based goodies to the masses.

Yes, cricket flour. As in, a powdery baking substance made from the bodies of…well, you get the point. We’ve already talked about cricket burgers here before. Now the critters are showing up in your protein bars.

In spite of the fact that 80 percent of the world consumes insects on a regular basis, most Americans can’t get past the fact that Exo bars are essentially made of ground-up bugs. Which is exactly what Exo is trying to combat by teaming up with Nas and other investors in the brand.

“In the long term, we envision cricket powder being competitive with soy, and whey, and any other protein source,” Exo co-founder Greg Sewitz, 24, told Bloomberg. “That starts with introducing cricket protein to a consumer base with no direct experience with it and a lot of preconceived ideas that were negative.”

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