Have You Gotten Your Free Burger From Jack In The Box Yet?

Jack in the Box, Hamburger Fast-Food
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All hail 2016, the golden year of free fast food! Not only is Chipotle giving out free burritos, but now Jack In The Box is giving out free burgers! We’re starting to wonder if we’ll ever be hungry again.

Jack In The Box recently began advertising for a “Declaration of Deliciousness.” As part of the new legislation, there are reportedly 29 upgrades to the Jack In The Box menu. We’ve also seen several teaser commercials and a 30-second spot during Super Bowl 50 to announce they’re giving away 1 million burgers. That’s right. Look under your seats because you get a burger! You get a burger! You get a burger! You all get burgers!

The free burgers are a way to show consumers just how proud the fast food chain is of their newly remodeled meat sandwich. It’s called the Double Jack and it features not one, but TWO all-beef patties, TWO slices of American cheese and fresh new buns (whose authenticity does not require x-ray testing like some other popular buns which shall remain unnamed).

To be among the million people lucky enough enjoy a free burger, simply log on to www.jackinthebox.com and click “claim your free burger.” You’ll be instructed to provide your email address and you’ll receive a coupon for the Double Jack or a Jumbo Jack burger shortly after.