All The Best Festivals Worth Road Tripping To In August

08.01.19 3 weeks ago


We’ve officially hit the last full month of #summer19 and we’re starting to realize that the party season isn’t endless. Soon enough, people will start returning to school, covering up with pants and long-sleeve shirts, and becoming *gulp* responsible for themselves again. Ugh, f*ck that noise. We deserve one last month of unhinged partying, right? Right?

This is the last month until January (a low-key party and vacation month) where we can feasibly get a group of friends together and hit the open roads without work or school blocking the way — making memories, frenemies, and annoying those we’re closest to with endless queued playlists of songs that whoever is in the driver’s seat can’t make us change, no matter how many times they say, “I cannot listen to one more Old Town Road remix, so help me God. If you don’t stop I’m going to pull over and literally leave you on the side of the road. Dead.” …Or something like that.

So here it is, our final list of festivals worth road-tripping to for the summer. Get a group of your best friends together, gas the ride, and roll out.

X Games — August 1st-4th

This year’s X Games are being held in Minneapolis Minnesota and recent changes to the X Games format make it well worth the drive to the Twin Cities. If you thought the X Games was all dirt bikes and Tony Hawk, you haven’t been paying close enough attention. In recent years, the X Games have been leaning more and more towards your standard food and music festival fare, and this year they’ve snagged their best musical lineup yet.

After a long day of watching the competition go down, be sure to hit up the music stage for headlining performances by Wu-Tang Clan, Incubus, and Diplo. An afterparty that rivals the intensity of the actual event? Sounds like our type of scene.

We realize this one is incredibly short notice, but the real games begin on August 2nd, so you’re still all set for a weekend of extreme sports and music. Go!

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