Guy Uses Fish As A Beer Bong And Suddenly Drinking Seems Less Cool

You know those times when drinking seems super classy? We’re talking Ryan Gosling in Crazy Stupid Love. Daniel Craig in Casino Royale. Those times when you think, “Damn, I could go for a tailored suit and an Old Fashioned right about now.” This video isn’t that. This is Belushi meets Bear Grylls.

It’s one of those things you look at and just think––why? Which is followed by some serious douche chills. Technically, it makes sense. After gutting a fish, you could pour some beer in its mouth and drink it from…whatever hole that is, we get that. But why?

Maybe the guy is actually a culinary genius and just pre-soaking his fish in some beer. That could justify part of the whole thing. The shouts of “more beer!” from the guy behind the camera could just be the shouts of an overly excitable fish connoisseur, he’s just a man who really wants to marinade that sh*t. Yeah, that makes sense. Crisis averted. These are good people.

Nah, the more we watch, the more the guy sucking off that fish hole seems like a savage. Dude gives very few sh*ts. Which is noteworthy in itself. So “atta boy”…we guess. You enjoy that beer in all its fish-gutted glory. Somehow, drinking just lost any semblance of classiness, at least for a little while.