We Asked Our Favorite Travel Photographers How To Take Better Pictures On The Road

09.21.16 3 years ago

We’re all guilty of it. Staring at our Instagram feeds or checking out travel blogs — fueling the fire, so to speak. That travel fire that burns inside all of us. We know what we’re doing; we know that good imagery will always, quickly, and without fail get that fire raging.

So we sit, scrolling through image after image and occasionally wondering not only how we can get to that spot, but how we might nail that very image. The light looking just so, the action frozen perfectly, the exposure just right, and the colors balanced. A photo that seems to blast off the retina screen.

This week, we embraced our armchair wanderlust and asked some of our favorite roving photographers for advice on scoring the perfect travel photo. Ryan Struck, Megan Haywood-Sullivan, Morgan Maassen, DJ Struntz, Mitch Cox and myself all weighed in on our top five rules. The input ranges from tech heavy tips to advice on basic politeness and if you’re out to get a killer image, none of it should be overlooked.

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