This Stray Dog Got Adopted After Proving His Love For A Flight Attendant

The other day, we told you about Gobi, a silly, little, stray dog that ran alongside a long distance runner in China’s Tian Shan mountain range for about 105 miles. While super fit Gobi waits to go through the rigmarole that is international pet adoption, another stray pup on the other side of the world is already home, after falling in love with his new owner. That pup is Rubio, a stray from Buenos Aires who refused to give up on the flight attendant that showed him compassion in rough times.

Olivia Sievers is a flight attendant for Lufthansa and she frequently travels from her home in Germany to Buenos Aires, Argentina for work. Somewhere along the way, Sievers realized she had an admirer. Sievers spotted a stray dog by her hotel and decided to give it food and a few friendly pets. From then on, the dog refused to leave her side.

Sievers told Noticiero Trece that she even tried to reroute her course so that the dog wouldn’t follow her to the hotel, but he always came back. The stray waited through the night, on the street, to see his human the following morning. Sievers gave him an airplane blanket to help keep him warm through the night and eventually headed back to Germany. The next time she found herself in Buenos Aires, there was the dog, which Sievers began calling Rubio, outside her hotel.

The pattern continued for months. Sievers even tried finding Rubio a family in Argentina through a rescue organization, but he ran away from them and found his way back to the hotel not long after. It was then that Sievers decided to make Rubio her own.

He is now in Germany with Sievers and her husband and, according to Sievers’ Facebook page (she’s unfortunately made the original post private), Rubio couldn’t be happier.
And honestly, neither could we.

(Via The Telegraph)