Girl Scout Cookies Are On Amazon, And People Are Hyped

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The first few months of the year always feel the longest, between the lack of vacation time and cold weather. However, there is one thing that can really brighten the mood when you’re counting down the days to your next three day weekend and wondering if the sun will ever come out again: Girl Scout cookies.

Whether you see the stacks of brightly colored boxes on tables outside your local grocery story or see your boss going around the office with that tell-tale sign up sheet, it’s like a sign from a benevolent god that they love you and want you to be happy. However, if you miss your window of opportunity and find yourself facing a Thin Mintless existence until next year, fear not! Something beautiful has happened: Girl Scout cookies are now available on Amazon (some are even Prime items!). It’s safe to say that people are excited.

Now, as with most things there is a catch: normally, these little boxes of goodness retail for about $4 a pop, and the ones available on Amazon are $9 or more. That is pretty steep for cookies, no matter how magical. Additionally, one has to wonder how a development like this could affect the scouts themselves. The Girl Scouts historically use cookie sales to teach their members leadership skills, money management, and how to develop an entrepreneurial spirit, so it would be a shame for those lessons to be lost in favor of easier access.

Still, a couple boxes of Samoas delivered to your door in two days time is a pretty tempting offer.