Watch These Golfers Flip Out As An Angry Kangaroo Tries To Chase Them Down

Normally when you think of hazards on a golf course, bodies of water, wooded areas and sand traps are what come to mind. But when you play golf in Australia, the most frightening hazard may actually be kangaroos.

We see evidence of this in the video above, which shows two Australian golfers attempting to review a course in Queensland when their round is interrupted by a kangaroo who doesn’t particularly seem to enjoy the game. Immediately after one of these bros hits his fairway shot, the roo rushes them and attempts to chase them down while they flee on a cart.

As you can imagine, these two dudes absolutely lost their minds as the kangaroo was in hot pursuit, screaming their heads off as they ripped down the fairway. I can’t say I blame them, either. Not only are kangaroos absolutely terrifying and ruthless, a golf cart would be a nightmare getaway vehicle in this situation. Often times, I feel like golf carts don’t even have enough giddy-up for a leisurely Sunday round, never mind a situation where you’re trying to avoid getting your ass kicked by a pissed off wild animal.

Either way, these dudes were lucky enough to pull away safely. And, for the record, I believe the kangaroo could have caught them if it wanted to. It looked like he was going at half-speed, just to put a scare in them. We should give him/her credit for sparing the two because otherwise we’d be forced to slap NSFW or NSFL tags all over this post.

Also, after watching this video, I am officially all for dropping kangaroos all around in PGA courses. Just imagine how great it would be to watch Rory McIlroy or Jordan Spieth be forced to outrun one of those things after a big shot. Not only would it be must-see TV, it’d probably even the playing field a bit.

(Via Gawker)