Watch Gordon Ramsay Cook His ‘Perfect Steak’ With Cognac Flambé

Full volume risotto critic Gordon Ramsay can teach you how to make a “perfect steak” if you’ve got the time. And by “the time” we mean a tidy sixty seconds. That sounds more reasonable, doesn’t it?

Released to coincide with this week’s 4th of July festivities, Fox’s chef-in-residence shared how to prepare a Masterchef approved steak served with flambé sauce. As we learned from that very special episode of Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, always be careful with a flambé and with a sixth season of an NBC sitcom. This efficient lil’ demonstration provides the details at a rapid-fire pace, although you’ll need a bit longer to actually prepare, cook and serve the steak. That’s alright. You have flames to keep you busy. Fire is free! (Maybe? Sort of?)

Keeping things on a tight schedule makes sense for Ramsay. In addition to culinary exploits that aren’t on camera (COULD YOU IMAGINE?), the blurry mouthed chef is juggling an obscene number of Fox shows at the moment. By my count, there’s The F-Word (not a show where famous people swear on TV), MasterChef, MasterChef Junior, Hell’s Kitchen, possibly Hotel Hell and probably 6,000 British TV shows. If Ramsay can figure out a way to finesse this zippy minute-long presentation for TV, he could knock out dozens more shows for Fox faster than you can say Beef Wellington and Ramsay can say something hilariously vulgar to you about said Beef Wellington.