Gordon Ramsay Breaks Down The 10 Cooking Tips That Will Make You A Grade-A Chef

Gordon Ramsay Celebrates The Opening Of His New LA Restaurant
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If you’ve ever enjoyed an episode of Hell’s Kitchen, then you know that the only way to really get a truly delicious dish is to humiliate someone so badly that they have no choice but to season their signature beefy fajitas with the flavor of their own tears. But before you even get to the show, where Gordon Ramsay will do everything short of beating you into submission because your fancy-sounding cake was just a bit to dense (a literal criminal offense), you need to learn some basics, and Ramsay’s happy to help.

In the video below, Ramsay describes exactly what you need to do to become the best home chef you can be (shockingly, being screamed at doesn’t make the list). It begins with respecting basil as you chop the hell out of it and moves on to brief master classes in ripening fruit and removing hot pepper residue from your fingers, just in case you’re a little sensitive.

Of course, if your hopes and dreams include getting starring on one of Ramsay’s shows, you may want to keep the pepper residue all over your hands and let it burn until you can’t feel the pain anymore. Maybe rub your eyes a little, too. It’ll definitely prepare you for Ramsay’s critique of your gastrique in front of a national audience.