Gordon Ramsay Says He’s Allergic To Vegans And Vegan-Twitter Erupts

In a recent Twitter Q&A, a fan asked notorious loud-mouth and TV chef Gordon Ramsay if he had any allergies. The Scottish, former professional soccer playing fraud, responded with one word, “vegans.”

Which, is pretty funny — if you like your fish shot in barrels. The tweet did not go unnoticed by the internet and has since accumulated nearly 22,000 retweets and almost 21,000 likes. Either people were super intrigued by the first ever documented vegan allergy, or Ramsay managed to offend and ostracize a huge (and growing) population of people.

Judging by the responses, we think it’s the latter:

Ramsay must be accustomed to interacting with dogmatic a**hole vegans such as these.

Following an overwhelmingly negative response to his reply, the chef felt the need (read: His PR team begged him), to follow up and clarify that he was joking. Unfortunately, (or not?) Ramsay’s joke was only compounded when he insisted that he’s not actually allergic to vegans, but vegetarians. Just keep digging that grave!

Understandably, people were not so quick to forgive and of course compared him to Jamie Oliver. BURN! HISSSSSSSSSS.

While some people are holding out hope that Ramsay will deliver a sincere apology, maybe through his avatar on his new mobile game, we’re not expecting much. Which is fine because this isn’t a real controversy and no one should worry about it. It’s silly and overblown, like Ramsay’s entire TV persona.