Gordon Ramsay Is Down To Eat Pineapple Pizza On Facebook Live, Under One Condition

Now who’s the idiot sandwich, Gordo? Gordon Ramsay is set to go toe-to-toe with what he considers a culinary abomination and there’s no backing out of it now. In fact, you might want to set a social media appointment. Hmm? What’s that? We don’t know who will look after your kids while you do that. We’re just a website. Sorry. Moving on…

Ramsay is a staunch anti-pineapple voice in the escalating pizza topping wars going so far as to declare “you don’t put f*cking pineapple on pizza” earlier this year. Despite it being a cardinal kitchen sin in his profanity-powered heart, Fox’s resident TV chef will be eating pineapple pizza on Facebook Live if the goal of his Omaze charity raffle is met. If 500 donations are received by the end of Friday, Ramsay will put that bit of food in his mouth and you can point and laugh at home while the funds pulled in will go to assist London’s Great Ormond Street Hospital which is one of the world’s leading children’s hospitals.

In addition to creating your own Ramsay palate torture porn, the raffle offers a grand prize of spot at the VVIP (intentional extra V for some reason ahoy!) table on the chef’s show The F Word and the prospect of eating some quality grub. Probably not Hawaiian pizza, but you’ll still be fed. This supercut of Kitchen Nightmares gross-out moments should provide a worthy preview of how Ramsay will react to experience. Look at that thought balloon of woe up top! THEY DON’T LIE!

(Via Eater)