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“I held a fish THIS big.”  Sure ya did buddy.

Noted TV chef/asshole Gordon Ramsay has bragged about his brief pro soccer career with Scottish team Glasgow Rangers, claiming he played three games with the club before getting cut loose after an injury.  In an exposé tastefully headlined “F-ing Liar!”, News of the World reveals that Ramsay lied about it all.

Ramsay NEVER “signed” for the Glasgow giants and NEVER played first team games for them—despite saying so on radio, in his autobiography and in a series of interviews.

In fact, he was such a liar fellow cooks nicknamed him “Billy Bull***t” —and he even secretly confessed to top chef Marco Pierre White that his Rangers career was boloney, adding: “But it just came out of my mouth and it was a good story at the time” […]

“He was never a signed player for us and certainly didn’t play any first team games and wasn’t offered any sort of contract—it’s all complete and utter nonsense,” [Rangers historian Robert McElroy] insists.

This is an immensely boring story, but the point is: Gordon Ramsay is a total asshole, and we non-assholes need to always be aware of assholes’ mistakes and never let them live it down.  Like, A-Rod did steroids five years ago?  What a bastard.  Someone burn that guy’s house down already.

[Unprofessional Foul]

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