This Year You Outdid Yourselves: An Instagram Halloween Costume Roundup

The Flintstones were there. The Star Wars crew and Kardashian-West family too. Side by side Cat and the Hats showed up a little late, but they made it. Everyone came out this year. Where the hell were you? The cereal box gang even showed up right around the time Olaf and Elsa did a surprise set. The full spectrum of outfits were thrown together with “sexy” and “sassy” continuing to lead the way, often in a skirt or just underwear (which is an observation, not a complaint).

As ever, college frats were… ugh, c’mon bros it’s 2015, do we really have to explain this? But, in general, people seemed to be more racially and culturally sensitive. Good on all of you for that one. Some costumes were meticulously planned and pieced together months in advance, while others were put together minutes before (or hours after) the first drink of the holiday was had.

Here’s our collection of the best social media had to offer. Enjoy them as you wash off your zombie gore and replace it with makeup to commemorate Dia de los Muertos.

What were the best costumes you saw? Clever plays-on-words? Incredible puns? Hyper-accurate celeb depictions?