Five Harsh Truths You Need To Consider Before You Start Living The #Vanlife

05.03.16 3 years ago 24 Comments
van life truths


The van movement is having a moment. Major life decisions are being made. Jobs quit. Furniture sold. Leases cancelled. People are opting to live in their vehiclesfor pleasure. Hell, I’ve been doing it for two years now. The road calls. Something exciting is waiting out there for you and an old VW or Chevy might be your key to finding it. Time to chase freedom!

Wait. Pump the brakes for a second.

Yes, life on the road is breathtaking. Yes, there are moments of pure bliss. The photos you see, the stories you hear, they’re real and they paint a vivid picture that you’d be crazy not to want to be a part of. But what about the other times? The breakdowns and the pouring rain. The flat tires and the break ins. In order to appreciate the wonders of the good times, you might have to plow through a fair amount of sh*t.

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