The ‘Headphanie’ Hennessy Bottle Makers Have Been Exposed As Frauds

Grand opening, grand closing on the super viral “Headphanie” Hennessy bottles. Reasoning? They were about as affiliated with Hennessy as Donald Trump is linked with Black Lives Matter. Yeah, despite the purple labels on the bottles literally reading, “Lilac Company x Hennessy,” it appears it was just a couple of enterprising scammers infringing on the rights of one of the most well-known liquor trademarks in the world. And they would’ve gotten away with it if it weren’t for you meddling kids!

In less than 36 hours after going viral and the following backlash for being “culture vultures,” the makers behind the popular purple bottles named after a line in Young M.A.’s “OOOUUU” have suspended all production indefinitely with all remaining “Headphanie” bottles being pulled from store shelves. Lilac Company claims they ended production and pulled back the bottles because it was “the right thing to do.” They also contend it had nothing to do with rumored cease and desist letters. However, that might not be entirely true.

Hennessy released a statement basically calling Lilac Company and their limited edition “Headphanie” Hennessy bottles fake, phony frauds. “Hennessy has no association with Lilac Company and has not provided authorization for this promotion,” the cognac makers told WatchLOUD. And, again, Lilac would’ve probably gotten away with it for a lot longer if it weren’t for you meddling kids!

As for whatever profits Lilac Company made off the backs of Hennessy and Young M.A., there weren’t any, so they claimed. “Y’all are crazy thinking we’re banking off this,” they tweeted following the backlash. “The liquor stores selling it not us.” Uh huh.

But if you’re looking for some “Headphanie” merch, Young M.A. is selling sweaters. It’s no “Headphanie” bottle, but it’s something!