This Student Is Taking H&M To Task Over Their ‘Unrealistically Small’ Jeans

To quote Homer Simpson, “Don’t you hate pants?” Sure do, especially when they don’t fit, especially when you haven’t even had a donut burrito this week. Ruth Clemens recently called out H&M for selling jeans that are “unrealistically small.” How so small? Clemens is a size-14, but she couldn’t fit into a size-16 — the largest size in the non-“plus size range” — pair of pants.

As she wrote on Facebook, “I am not overweight (not that that should matter) and although I’m 5 foot 11 my body is pretty average shape-wise. It’s already difficult enough for me to find clothes that fit well because of my height, why are you making jeans that are unrealistically small? Am I too fat for your everyday range? Should I just accept that accessible and affordable high street and on-trend fashion isn’t for people like me?” Clemens’ post — which also noted that her “Medium” top is also too small — has since gone mega-viral, with thousands of comments from similarly frustrated women.

This so rediculously true!! I am typically a size 12 and some of the size 16 clothing didn’t even fit me. I am never shopping there again because I will not be made to feel bigger than what I am! (Via)

Unbelievable!!! It comes as no shock that many people including children/teens have low self esteem when it comes to their body. Will H&M sort this out?? I highly doubt it, and that is the upsetting thing!!! Fantastic that you have posted this (Via)

I used to love H&M but I rarely shop there now for the same reason you highlight here. I’m a size 10 and have often taken several sizes in to a changing cubicle and a 14 doesn’t fit me either. I know what size I am and I’m happy with how I look. H&M need to read this feedback and hopefully like most businesses will listen to their customers and make some changes. (Via)

H&M responded to Clemens, apologizing for her “experience in store recently.” They added, “We make clothing for all our stores around the world, so the sizing can vary depending on the style, cut, and fabric.” In case that’s not already enough to consider, it can also depend by year. Clemens called H&M’s reply a “cop-out. If H&M thinks I’m too fat, too tall, that I take up too much space to wear their clothes, they’re the ones who need to change.”

(Via BuzzFeed)