You Can Get Free Pizza Hut Pizza For Life With One Lucky Guess

08.24.17 7 months ago 5 Comments

Food tastes better when you don’t pay for it, and no food tastes better than pizza. Thus, logically, there is no better-tasting food on earth than free pizza, and Pizza Hut, knowing this, is offering a shot at free pizza for life.

There is, of course, a bit of a catch. The chain is promoting its new loyalty program, Hut Rewards, where you get points for every dollar spent at the Hut. In order to win, you have to watch the above video where they knock down dominoes (get it?), join the rewards program, and then email in a guess as to just how many dominoes they knocked over. The closest to the correct number gets free pizza for life, in that they get enough points loaded onto their rewards card for a pizza every two weeks for the next sixty years. Look, it’s “free pizza for life” not “free pizza to eat yourself to death with.”

Is it worth signing up for? Sure, it’s not “shoes that order you pizza”, but if you regularly order from Pizza Hut, you might as well start racking up the points. As for the free pizza, hey, free pizza is the tastiest food, so take your best shot. You’ve got until 11:59pm Central Time on August 31st to figure out the total number of dominoes. Good luck!

(via Pizza Hut)

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