A Long-Term Traveler Talks About Living On The Road Without Going Broke

Bearfoot Theory

When it comes to aspirational travel, vanlife stays at the top of our list. It’s hard to beat making your way across a country or even a continent with everything you need packed compactly in a vehicle. We all find ourselves longing to wake up every day in a new national park or on an isolated beach. It’s literally the dream road trip.

Most vanlifers we chat with aren’t independently wealthy. They need to keep working while they drive from beautiful vista to beautiful vista. To learn more about that aspect of the lifestyle, we turned to an expert.

Kristen Bor runs the outdoor adventure blog Bearfoot Theory. She started blogging in 2014, after leaving her job in Washington, D.C. — where she worked in conservation policy. After a three year stint, Bor ultimately decided she needed something different and really wanted to be her own boss. So she moved to Las Vegas where it was inexpensive to live and got a part-time retail job at REI while she started her site and learned the skills she needed to kick off a new career.

Two years in, Bor started thinking about getting a van before finally snagging one in 2016. It gave her the flexibility she wanted to work from the road versus trying to find coffee shops to work in while traveling. She longed for the freedom and convenience of working from campsites or abandoned rest stops.

This week, Bor chatted with us about running a business from her beloved Sprinter van. Read on to hear her advice.

Bearfoot Theory

Why Sprinter specifically? Because you’re very pro Sprinter on your website.

The reason I favor the Sprinter is that they have four-wheel drive option. Other similar panel vans don’t. I wanted to be able to stand up inside the van. I didn’t want to have to crouch around. I wanted to have a really convenient, tiny, but livable space to work from.