Ice Cream Ramen Is A Gelatinous, Beautiful Mess You’ve Got To Try At Least Once

There are endless way to prepare, cook, and consume ramen. But even if you’ve seen and tried everything — from eating Ramen directly from a pipe to the ultra-trendy ramen burger — we’re betting there’s at least one way you haven’t eaten ramen yet: As a weird-ass dessert made out of ice cream.

The Nerdist reports that ice cream ramen may sound strange at first — especially because the idea of cold, gelatinous noodles is initially off-putting — but that it’s truly a delicious experience (one comparable to the water cake everyone was so hyped over a few months back). If you want to try this dessert, however, you’re going to need to get yourself to The Dessert Kitchen in New York.

From Nerdist:

Candice Auyeung, the owner of The Dessert Kitchen, said that the concept was born over a decade ago. It starts with agar, which is extracted from seaweed; the ingredient is what gives these noodles their clear color and substantial texture. Add water and sugar and that’s all you need to create the base of the dish.

Have we mentioned that the noodles are blue? Because they are. There are blue ramen noodles being eaten (and, for some reason, not by you):

But even though blue may be the warmest color, you can choose to switch up what your “noodles” look like:

The menu allows you to change up the noodle color and sauce flavor with peach, green tea, grape, honey, or brown sugar to make your bowl of ice cream dessert distinctly yours.

Check it all out, take it all in:

Have you ever seen anything more beautiful?

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