Buy Your Plane Ticket, A Japanese Restaurant Is Serving Chocolate Ramen

At this point, Americans are probably used to Asian restaurants coming up with creative and crazy foods that eateries stateside are much less likely to take a chance on. White Castle may be getting all gussied up for Valentine’s Day, as is tradition, but a chain restaurant in Tokyo is breaking out the big guns for the holiday. For a limited time leading up to the most romantic fake holiday of the year, Mensho restaurant is serving chocolate ramen, a concoction that sounds so weird it just might be delicious.

Contrary to what you might believe, the ramen itself isn’t actually crafted from chocolate. That would be too much deliciousness for one person to handle and would result in the non-enjoyment of all other foods for the rest of time. The ramen itself is the normal recipe, with the addition of chocolate chunks throughout the noodles. As Rocket News 24 tells it, the combination is mouth watering:

Impressive as the broth may be as-served, if you’re in the mood to enjoy the chocolate flavor, you’ve got two options. The first is to simply grab pieces of chocolate with your chopsticks and eat them like you would any other ramen toppings. However, while the chocolate chunks are perfectly tasty, eating them like that doesn’t really give you any different of an experience from eating chocolate in the ordinary, non-ramen manner.

Sounds just far enough outside the norm to be both an interesting experience and mmm…mmm…good. Given that only one Mensho location is serving the concoction, and that location is all the way in Japan, the chances that you’ll be able to get a bowl of chocolate ramen for yourself before it’s off the menu again are slim to none. With luck, some adventurous restaurants in New York or LA will get it into their heads to attempt to copy the technique. Until that happens, everyone will have to settle with stirring Hershey’s bars into instant ramen cups to replicate the experience.

(via Rocket News 24)