An IHOP ‘Robin Hood’ Was Arrested For Giving Away $3,000 Worth Of Free Drinks

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IHOP has been very generous lately. Tuesday was free pancake day and, if you happen to patronize the Brooklyn location where one employee has been handing out free drinks, apparently every day has been free drink day. At least if William Powell was taking your order!

The waiter was arrested for allegedly handing out $3,000 in free drinks to IHOP customers he thought might not be able to afford their beverages. Over the course of the last six months, Powell has been acting as a self proclaimed “modern day Robin Hood,” by taking from the rich and giving to the poor.

Powell claims to have been doing it completely altruistically, but law enforcement speculates that he was doing it to get better tips.

Honestly, what waiter doesn’t do this? Whether you’re using your discretion to determine that a customer can’t afford something, as Powell did, or you’re just straight up lazy, sometimes you don’t charge for a drink. The syrup in those boxes lasts for like 100 years, so IHOP must really be struggling… Also, it’s not like he was neglecting to charge people for alcohol or milk or even pancakes! It was soda and juice.

After his boss found out, Powell was charged with grand larceny and released without bail. He will return to court in May.

If they started arresting every waiter who’s ever done this, police would run out of handcuffs and courts would be packed for eternity. Free Robin Hood!

(Via New York Post)