Unlike Other ‘Robin Hood: Men In Tights’ Quote Lists, These Are Written In An English Accent

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In 1993, comedy legend Mel Brooks had an answer to Kevin Costner’s accent-less portrayal of Sherwood Forest’s most famous outlaw from Robin Hood: Prince of Thieves with Robin Hood: Men In Tights. Like he did with the Western genre in Blazing Saddles, Brooks throws all the conventions of a period piece out the window, as characters make topical jokes and contemporary (for the time) references. It’s also the film that introduced Dave Chappelle, who’s unique sense of humor was evident even back then. So, with that, here are some of the best lines from the movie that so lovingly spoofed medieval swashbuckling.

“There’s Got To Be Another Way Of Doing The Credits!” – Villager

Wasting no time going after common Robin Hood film tropes, the opening credits don’t get a chance to really get going before a group of angry villagers gather together as knights stand off in the distance shooting flaming arrows onto their rooftops. “Every time there’s a Robin Hood movie, they destroy our village!” one proclaims, and before long, they all have a rallying cry to get behind. Cue title card.

“Welcome To The Dungeon!” – Dungeon Master

This scene isn’t Brooks’ first dungeon scene, but instead of singing about converting, Robin — who has been captured while fighting The Crusades — meets a foppish Dungeon Master (Brian George) who shows him the kind of hospitality that you’d expect from the kind of restaurant where the bill would have a comma in it. That is until the torture begins, of course.

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