There’s A Petition To Get A Meatless Burger On In-N-Out’s Menu, But Do They Really Need One?

Does everything around us need to be bent to our individual wills? Does every movie have to be what we want it to be? Does every restaurant have to cater to everyone? We know, we know: Heady questions for mid-week. But bear with us because the iconic — largely because of its simplicity — In-N-Out is involved in this conundrum.

Some people have started a petition asking In-N-Out to add a meatless veggie burger to their menu. That’s great…in theory. Sometimes we deserve to have our voices heard. But, does In-N-Out really need to change their menu because 10 or 20 thousand people want something? Besides the obvious solution of simply going anywhere else to cop a meatless patty for your burger, there’s the fact that you can have whatever your heart desires from their (not so) secret menu in any combination. So…try a grilled onion and grilled cheese sandwich?

Is it really worth homogenizing a tried-and-true establishment to current food trends? In-N-Out proclaims valiantly, even somewhat defiantly on their webpage that, “The menu is still the same basic menu our guests have enjoyed since 1948. And we’ve been serving everything up the same exact way.” And for a place where they allow us to make whatever we want from their existing menu items so that we can live gluten-free, vegan, or vegetarian… maybe we’re already asking enough?