Burnt Out? You Can Make $130K Running This Quaint Lighthouse B&B


It’s no secret that despite all the luxuries of the modern world, a lot of people are just, done. Some of us are so overloaded with information and stimulation that we’re seeking something simpler. If we can get paid doing it, all the better.

If you and a loved one/partner in crime are looking to disconnect and get away — while still making money — then how does running an island lighthouse and inn near San Francisco sound? The East Brother Light Station is in need of someone to manage the island and inn because, as reported by the SFGate, its current keepers, a traveling couple who love odd jobs, are moving on to their next adventure. A new lucky pair will need to be equipped to perform the inn-related job tasks such as housekeeping, bookkeeping, attending to the front desk, culinary skills, as well as ferrying guests to and from the island. Which means at least one of you needs to possess a Coast Guard commercial boat operator’s license. But we have to assume if you’re seriously considering working on a small remote island, you’re probably willing to learn how to operate a boat.

If you’re chosen, you’ll receive free room and board, and pull in a salary that equates to about $130,000 a year through a revenue sharing model with the non-profit running the lighthouse. That number can be even higher though, so long as you’re effectively marketing the property (also your job responsibility). Of course, this might prove to be tough, considering on the island you won’t have access to Wi-Fi. Luckily the inn only operates four days out of the week, so you can head to a mainland coffee shop and promote this quaint Wi-Fi and cable free getaway to all your burnt out millennial friends.

If this sounds like the job for you, download the application and give it a shot.