Italian Chefs Are Donating Money From Plates Of Pasta Amatriciana For Earthquake Victims

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Tragedy struck a sleepy Italian town two nights ago. As Amatrice’s residents slept, a 6.2 magnitude earthquake struck the mountain village. The center of the city now lays in ruins with many still in need of rescue. The death toll skyrocketed from 159 to 247 between Wednesday night and Thursday morning. Authorities, rescue workers, and charities continue to work nonstop to save as many as they can.

Amatrice was planning on holding a celebration this weekend centered around the town’s namesake dish, Pasta all’Amatriciana. That, of course, has been canceled. But Italian chefs have devised a way to raise money for their countrymen in need — by donating their proceeds from the sale of Pasta all’Amatriciana.

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