Pretend To Be James Bond With This Tour Of Japan’s ‘Ghost’ Island From ‘Skyfall’

Skyfall is arguably one of the best James Bond films ever made, it certainly made the most money on opening weekend that it means the film did something right. Action, adventure, intrigue, an amazing super villain brought to life by Javier Bardem, and beautiful set pieces that looked stunning on screen. It is everything a fan would want to see in a Bond film, and one of the most arresting filming locations was Silva’s lair, a deserted island replete with ghostly apartment buildings and ruins of a bygone era.

One of the reasons that the island shooting location so perfectly embodied the spirit of the evil lair purpose is that it is Japan’s “Ghost” Island, commonly known as Hashima, which translates directly into “battleship island”. Located just 10 miles off the coast of Nagasaki, the island was used for forced labor during World War II. After the war ended, the island receded into an abandoned specter of its former self, leaving eerie alleys of apartment buildings and an intimidating yet crumbling sea wall behind. Watch the video to get the full effect of how beautifully creepy the island is when it isn’t the backdrop for nefarious evil doings.

(via Great Big Story)