Meet An International Vagabond Who Went From His Mom’s Couch To Traveling First Class In One Year

05.18.16 2 years ago

jubril agoro

At a certain point, enough is enough. The corporate wheel is grinding away and you’re running the risk of getting shredded. It’s time to throw in the towel and storm out of your office.You’ve heard so much about how traveling the world is attainable, affordable, and healthy for you, but you still haven’t taken the leap. When do you know you’ve saved up enough? When do you just risk it? Sure, you need an income, but there’s living to do. There’s a world out there that needs seeing and a four-walled cubicle isn’t cutting it. Something’s gotta give.

We’ve interviewed a fascinating crew of folks for our new series The Mad Ones, with plenty more on the way, but I don’t think any of them would understand that “gotta make a change” situation better than Jubril Agoro. The man went from making $240 a week and living on his mom’s couch to traveling the world first-class. Agoro is an online marketing entrepreneur — specifically focused on Facebook advertising and Pay Per Click targeted ads — and listening to him will help you realize that it’s possible to flip the script. The status quo doesn’t have to exist and ditching the daily grind doesn’t necessarily mean the money has to stop coming in.

The walls might feel like they’re closing in. The monotony of the day in, day out might seem inescapable. That’s why you need someone like Jubril to show you a different way. Check out what the world traveler has to say in this week’s The Mad Ones:


jubril agoro

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