Watch This Shark Jump Like Tony Hawk And Freak Out Some Fishermen

For all those out there already terrified of sharks, you may not want to watch this video. Or perhaps it’s a must see … one must keep up to date on the evolutionary changes of our mortal enemies lest they achieve Sharknado powers while we aren’t paying attention. A clip filmed by Australian fishermen shows a shark that can jump out of the water, and we’re not just talking about a little bit of air here. We’re talking feet, and it does flips like it’s the shark equivalent of Tony Hawk or something.

The footage was taken by Jake Beazley 12 miles off the western coast of Australia, and they reckon it’s a mako shark doing the flips. Makos have a reputation for being extremely fast and extremely aggressive, swimming up to 60 miles an hour when hunting for food. Fortunately, they don’t typically consider humans food, but their territorial nature certainly means you don’t want to be in the water when one is around.

And based on the jumping abilities of this particular mako, perhaps being in a boat doesn’t seem as safe as it did before, either. Marine biologists have noted the mako’s predilection for jumping, although they’re not quite sure why they do it. Just to show off? Cement their reputation as the most radical sharks in the ocean? Mission accomplished, mako shark.