K-Cups For Beer Prove That 2017 Is Already Better Than 2016

We’re only 6 days into 2017, but it is already shaping up to be the Year Of Beer. Between shower beer, hangover resistant beer, and your faves getting even more potent, there has never been a better time to be a fan of brewskis. While it can be tempting to invest in a massive keg or invest in personal taps for your home, practicality often rears its ugly head to shut down those dreams. However, Keurig, the coffee maker company that makes your office break room bearable, is looking for a way to save the day.

While their launch of an in-home soda maker was met with crickets and poor sales, Keurig will not be stopped in its quest for beverage victory. On Friday, they announced that they would be teaming up with Anheuser Busch-InBev (the compan behind Budweiser and Shock Top) to create an “in-home alcoholic drink system.” Details are scarce, but consider our interest piqued.

Now, the guy who has his home-brew aging in his garage or will tell anyone who will listen about the delicate process of the latest craft beer probably just gasped in horror. While beer on demand (is a fridge passé now?) is appealing, this could go the way of the Kold Soda Machine and fail. Or it could make your next cookout the happening place to be and you’ll never have to face the crowded hipster bar ever again. Only time will tell.

(Via Mashable)