Kendall Jenner And Tyler, The Creator Frolic In His New Golf Line For A Colorful ‘Vogue’ Spread

Tyler, The Creator and Kendall Jenner have intrigued us all with their friendship based around their love of the fashion industry, and the growing connection between hip-hop and the Kardashian clan that Kim and Kanye’s marriage has created. The 25-year-old rapper and 21-year-old supermodel enjoy the average activities like causing a ruckus with their friends or gossiping with their sisters, and do this while simultaneously enjoying being “friends in Vogue,” a foreign concept to most of us.

Vogue photographed the eccentric duo in what they say is the “Most Optimistic Fashions” this season, and their chemistry as friends brings a candid-feeling to the high fashion photo shoot. Tyler’s Golf Wang fashion roots stay true, and the other big look here is that Kendall is modeling some of Tyler’s new designs for the magazine.

Though Tyler’s foray into fashion feels fresh in a number of ways, there’s also a lot of evidence pointing to the way his line is influenced by an old school hip-hop aesthetic. As one of the top models of the current moment, an appearance from Kendall can help add credence to Tyler’s newfound venture. Either way, these pictures from Vogue make it clear that the two are more than just acquaintances, who knows what collaborations they might have in the works next. Check out more clips below.