KFC Japan Has Introduced Finger Gloves To Help With Cleanup, Thus Making ‘Finger Lickin’ Good’ Obsolete

KFC in Japan looks to be taking all the fun out of eating a meal at the chain. Some stores in the country are now offering plastic finger gloves, so customers won’t get messy, thus making their tagline “finger lickin’ good” obsolete.

The newest invention, called finger nups, are simple plastic gloves a customer puts on over their pointer finger and thumb. The mini gloves are not at all stores in Japan, as Rocket News 24 reported they are just being offered at 222 stores at the moment.

It may have been designed to help make cleanup easier or another marketing initiative from the brand, but these new finger gloves may be taking a bit of fun out of the KFC dining experience. Lickin’ off the excess salt and oil residue from a KFC bucket has been a time honored tradition. It’s been a cornerstone of the brand’s identity with numerous Colonel Sanders bemoaning the fact.

KFC Japan announced the goal of these new finger gloves was a way to help keep customers clean while enjoying their meals. Using a napkin can still work, but for anyone that’s had KFC knows, oil can saturate through the napkins quickly making an even bigger mess. If this is a why to cut down on trash, they may have something on their hands.

(Via Eater & Rocket News 24 & Fortune)