KFC Upgrades Your Valentine’s Day Bouquet With Fried Chicken

There’s nothing more cliché than giving your loved one a bouquet of flowers on Valentine’s Day. What are they supposed to do with a handful of smelly flowers? They can look at them, they can smell them and then they can watch them wither and die. That’s about it. What a waste of money for something that turns from a beautiful, bright bouquet into a pile of muted, crunchy, garbage in a matter of days. Plus, they’re pretty expensive. If you splurge and buy a dozen roses this year, it will cost you around $90 dollars. Why not spend that money on something you’ll both enjoy? How about a bouquet of fried chicken? How does that sound?

If you happen to live in New Zealand (Auckland to be exact), that dream is actually a reality. Instead of boring bouquets of flowers, KFC in the homeland of Rhys Darby, is offering bouquets made of fried chicken. Yes, that’s right. Finger-lickin’ good fried chicken instead of stinky, quickly-dying chrysanthemums, daisies and lilacs. Plus, instead of just blankly staring at flowers, you and the recipient can actually eat this bouquet of deliciousness. You don’t even need to make dinner reservations. Bam! That’s what we like to call two birds with one stone. The only thing that would make this better would be to pair it with Tim Tams.

“The best smelling Bouquet this Valentine’s Day is sure to be the KFC Bouquet,” said the KFC Facebook post. The only problem with this special bouquet is the fact that you can’t just go into the store and order one every day. These fried chicken bouquets were only available for a limited time in a limited quantity. It seems that the folks at KFC don’t want everyone to be happy this Valentine’s Day. To get them, you had to visit their Facebook page and tag the person you love.

Just like most floral bouquets contain more than one flower, the KFC fried chicken bouquet is made up of more than just the Colonel’s famous fried chicken. It’s a handheld mixture of crispy strips, popcorn chicken and original recipe drumsticks. See, there’s something for everyone and isn’t that what Valentine’s Day is really all about? Let’s hope this amazing idea reaches our shores in time for the big day next year. (And, hey, there’s no reason you can’t make one yourself!)