Relationship Wisdom From An Adventurous Duo Who Risked It All For Love

Jake Snow and Marie Fe

love is a place
& through this place of
love move
(with brightness of peace)
all places

-e.e. cummings

Jake Snow was a seasoned traveler. He’d been all over the world. He knew how to travel smartly and safely. He knew not to just give a bunch of money and his passport to a strange man to get a last minute visa to Vietnam. At least, not if he didn’t want to get his passport stolen. But Jake also wasn’t thinking smartly, safely, or rationally. He was thinking that he’d let the love of his life walk out the door, and he needed to see her again. So, he took the risk.

“I literally was going crazy for love,” he says. “I just thought I had to try it.”

He had only known Marie Fe for a few days, just two travelers crossing paths on an island in Thailand, but he got the sense, as she headed to Vietnam and he to Cambodia, that if he didn’t risk it all to find her again he’d be making the biggest mistake of his life. So, as Marie arrived at her hotel in Vietnam, she looked up to see Jake, standing across the street, holding all his bags, deliriously in love with a woman he barely knew.

It was a leap of faith, one that could have ended up disastrously, but instead, was the start of the biggest adventure Snow or Fe had ever taken. And 19 months later, they continue to leap — together now, holding hands as they jump into the unknown.

Jake Snow and Marie Fe

After the hotel meetup, the duo spent the next month traveling around Vietnam. When that swing came to an end, they didn’t know how they could stay together. They both had lives, responsibilities. Marie was from Germany and just traveling for a couple more weeks before starting business school in Barcelona. Jake was born in Australia, and was supposed to head back to play football. How could they make it work?