Add These Spots To Your Solo Travel Plans This Year

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01.17.18 3 Comments


We noted in our 2018 Uproxx Travel Hot List that searches for solo travel were way up. And, why not? Hitting the road solo offers an array of great opportunities. You’re implored to reach out and meet new people in ways that traveling as a couple or in a group doesn’t provide (trust us, it’s just not the same).

Traveling solo also gives you the ultimate luxury: Time. You can plan your own way. You can adjust your pace. You can just sit on a mountaintop and meditate your way towards nirvana without ever worrying about someone else’s clock. It’s pretty rad.

With all of that in mind, we wanted to hit up some of the great spots around the world to travel on your own this year. These ten places are some classic solo travel favorites mixed in with some corners of the world that have yet to be over-explored.

Maybe you’ll find a fit that’s just right for you.



When you’re traveling solo, the world is your oyster. So why not go to one of the most beloved backpacker havens on earth? Thailand is a wonderland of thrilling food, lumbering elephants, and a landscape straight out of one of Alice’s mushroom-laced dreams.

The country is vast. From the bucolic and mountainous north to the postcard perfection of the beaches in the south you’ll find a nation waiting for you to dive straight into the deep end. All that you need is a backpack, a passport, and (a very small amount of) cash and that oyster is all yours — preferably fried up crispy in an amazing hoy tod omelet.

Thailand ranks pretty high for solo travel — as the country is fairly safe when it comes to crime and civil unrest (protests in the streets of major cities is not unheard of). It’s easy-ish to get around with trains, abundant buses, and budget airlines crisscrossing the country. A one-way ticket on Bangkok Air from Bangkok to Phuket will set you back $30-$50, for instance. Expect the infrastructure to be operational but just worn enough to feel exciting.

Just next door in Myanmar, a genocide is being carried out, so traveling to border regions and into that country is probably best left to those working for NGOs and rescue operations. Maybe aim your solo travel north and east into Cambodia, Laos, and Vietnam or south towards Malaysia if you’re exploring the region.

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