We Finally Get To See That Hoverboard Lexus Built Doing Its Hover Thing

Lexus claimed earlier this summer to have a working hoverboard in their possession, something not only they have been working on. Now they’ve finished constructing their customized skate park (with special metal rails built under the surface) in Barcelona, Spain, and have released videos of people trying out their magnetic-levitation invention. Pro skateboarder Ross McGouran even rides it above a watery surface (MORE POWER) and jumps it over a car (guess which brand).

The board itself is a magnetic superconductor being cooled by liquid nitrogen. It requires a surface with metal rails which have a north pole surrounded by two south poles, creating a uniquely-shaped magnetic field recognized by the superconductor in the board. Riding the Lexus hoverboard also requires especially good balance. McGouran likened the type of balance required to grinding a rail. Which is apt, because you basically are grinding a metal rail while standing on a superconductor.

In other words, I would definitely break my arm trying to play with this thing. And I’d definitely still try it.

Here are some other people trying to break their arms in the coolest way, including race-car driver Robb Holland.

A few more videos are available at Coming Soon.

(Via Geekologie, Coming Soon and Jalopnik)