Lil Nas X Partnered With Wrangler For An ‘Old Town Road’ Inspired Capsule Collection

05.20.19 1 month ago


Wranglers are far from the world’s most popular jeans, but something about the brand just seems to resonate with artists. Everyone from the likes of Mac DeMarco to Lil Nas X has sung the denim brand’s praises in the past. The latter artist’s surprise hit “Old Town Road” has permeated culture to the point that we’re all regularly name-dropping the jeans every chance we get. People young and old can be seen mouthing the lines “My life is a movie, bull ridin’ and boobies, cowboy hat from Gucci, Wrangler on my booty,” at all manner of events — from pumping gas to waiting in line for groceries.

For his part, Lil Nas X is making the most of his surprise hit, as he should. Recently, he teamed with Wrangler for a special collaboration that pays homage to both the brand and the song that made them kind of cool.

Starting today, Wrangler will carry a limited-edition capsule collection with Lil Nas X that features four graphic t-shirts, and — of course — a whole host of denim products, from cut-off shorts to slim and bootcut jeans, and a denim button down. The collection’s price ranges from $39-$149, so this is about the only artist and brand collaboration that won’t totally break the bank.

The graphic t-shirts range from simple to flashy, with a plain black shirt with OTR printed in a Western-styled font on the sleeve, to a busier multicolored rearing horse print, as well as a white shirt that utilizes the traditional Wrangler logo. The jeans are constructed from heavyweight twill denim and come in either a cowboy-friendly bootcut style or a more modern skinny fit. Just about everything from the collection features a play on the “Old Town Road” title or make mention of Lil Nas X in some way — so if you aren’t a super fan of the song, this probably isn’t the collection for you.

Check out the full collection below and head over to Wrangler’s online store if you want to grab a pair of jeans for the “Old Town Road” super fan in your life. Items from this collection will surely make their way to a thrift store, so future generations can make them cool again while wondering what the hell “Old Town Road” even was.

For more “Old Town Road” check out the new music video which features cameo performances from Chris Rock, Billy Ray Cyrus, Diplo, and Vince Staples.



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