Let The ‘Warriors Of The West’ Redefine Bravery For You

To fight a wildfire, you need people who are willing to confront one of the most intense and dangerous forces in the world. But that’s not all you need. Wildland firefighters need to be able to fly over, jump into, and charge through blazing forests with the help of support teams. They need access to supplies, tools, and services during campaigns that can last weeks. And they also need the freedom not to worry about what could happen to their families if the worst happens to them in the line of duty. This is where a large community, including the Wildland Firefighter Foundation (WFF), comes in.

Teaming up with Coors Banquet, Uproxx went out west to the frontlines of this seemingly endless firefight with members of the wildland firefighting community to tell their stories in Warriors Of The West. The series, which is collected above in a documentary, strives to compel with stunning visuals and astonishing tales of heroism and loss that will give you an entirely new appreciation for the people who fight fires and guard the natural resources we all take for granted.

To learn more about wildland firefighting and the people who make it possible, click the above video for Warriors Of The West.

Coors Banquet is in its sixth year of supporting the Wildland Firefighter Foundation, donating over $1.5 million dollars to the foundation. Click the donate button on this page if you’d like to help protect our west by supporting the WFF.