Turn A Terrible Job Tolerable And Save Your Sanity

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When your job begins to feel like full-time torture, it affects every aspect of your life. You wake up wishing you could just quit and you go home thinking about how much you hate it. You even have trouble falling asleep because you know the next day involves your dreaded employment Hell.

What do you do? Ideally, you use the following tips to keep things in perspective and develop a full life. You can only change so much of your job, but you have control over your responses. Well, mostly. At least give it a try.

Learn To Relax

There is a reason people take smoke breaks (other than their pesky addiction). Walking out of your terrible job, even to stand in some dismal dedicated smoking area while engaging in a habitual behavior feels relaxing.

Obviously, in the interest of public health and clothes that don’t reek like an ashtray, we don’t encourage you to smoke. Rather, you need to find your own way to relax. Maybe you do some deep breathing, or perhaps go for a walk. Or, do it up John McClane style: take off your shoes and socks, then walk around on the rug barefoot making fists with your toes.

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