This Man Was Locked In A Store Overnight After Falling Asleep In A Massage Chair

Massage chairs are traditionally quite relaxing. Waking up in a locked store after falling asleep in one of those bad boys? A tad less relaxing.

A customer in Japan faced that scenario after he took a snooze in a massage chair and woke up to discover he was all alone like he was in I Am Legend or something. (You know the floor model’s good when staff just assume a sleeping human being is part of the display.) Seeing as we live in 2016, the unlucky gent was able to tweet out pics of his unusual sleepover. There’s some images of animated sex things on the dude’s Twitter account, so things may take a turn for the NSFW if you roll through his tweets.

According to RocketNews24, everything panned out okay for the parties involved. The caged customer would eventually be freed after police got in contact with the store’s manager. The customer apologized for snoozing through closing time and the manager apologized for not noticing the sleeping shopper. Maybe this could be a new promotional tactic for the store. Come for a sleepover and save 10% off your next purchase. Think about it, Japan’s chair sales industry.

(Via The Guardian & The Daily Dot)