This Man Proposed To His Girlfriend 148 Times And She Didn’t Even Notice

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01.13.16 2 Comments

What makes a good proposal? Is it John Cena stopping his wrestling match to make two people very happy? Is it a guy having to turn himself in to the police after stopping traffic while asking his girlfriend to marry him? Or is it 148 pictures that say “will you marry me?” none of which your intended viewer actually pays attention to.

According to Cosmopolitan, the man who thought up this long and drawn-out proposal–props to him because I would have given it away immediately, probably before I even proposed once–used pictures to ask the woman of his dreams if she’d be his forever. And just so he wouldn’t be suspected of anything, Ray Smith told his now-fiancee Claire Bramley that he was taking the pictures as a way to document her pregnancy. Then he would put a white card in the picture that said “will you marry Ray?” He even took decoy pictures so she wouldn’t figure it out. Then, after half a year of waiting and wishing, he finally popped the question. With that dedication and a baby on the way, of course Bramley said yes.

Congratulations to the happy couple, but with more and more surprise proposals upping the ante like this, soon those of us of average creative abilities won’t even be able to ask our partners to marry us correctly anymore. I mean, great for Smith and Bramley, but whatever happened to just asking “will you marry me?”

Check out the full thing up top.

(Via Cosmopolitan)

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