Martin Shkreli’s Anti-Brunch Rant Reminds Us That Martin Shkreli Is Wrong About Many Things

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We all love to hate Martin Shkreli. And it’s easy, because he’s a legitimately terrible dude who cares more about his bank account than about the sick people who can no longer afford their AIDS and cancer treatment. Also, we side with the Wu on all feuds. Now, we have one more reason to hate on Shkreli: he thinks brunch is for lazy, liberal women who don’t care about blowing money on a fancy breakfast spread.

Yes! Brunch! In brunch’s defense: It’s the best meal of the day. It’s the perfect mix between breakfast and lunch that allows you to sleep in and still fill your stomach with unlimited bacon and eggs. Plus, there’s the added perk of socially-sanctioned a.m. drinking with free-flowing mimosas and Bloody Marys. If you can’t appreciate that, you might not be fully alive.

Apparently, all of our oft-stated brunch pros are cons to Shkreli. Yesterday morning he took to Twitter to make his distaste for the meal public in a series of typically-douchey tweets (interspersed, of course, with random threats of roundhouse kicks and chest stomps, because he’s super tough):

Of course, there were opinions, both from those who agreed with Shkreli:

And those who disagreed/didn’t really care, as long as it meant they could make a joke about Shkreli’s breakfast choices in prison:

It’s like Shkreli is on a mission to make himself out as the most awful person in the world. Not that he really has to try, but still. What’s next, hating on bouncy houses and ice cream sundaes? Calling cute cat videos the opiate of the masses?