Is A Secret Expansion Coming To EPCOT?


The Disney theme parks are living, breathing entities. Rides are updated, or gutted and replaced, old favorites make way for new rides, and whole new worlds are built. This constant evolution means sometimes ideas don’t make it to reality, while others are long into development before they’re officially announced. This story from the Orlando Weekly has shades of both.

According to the article, Disney historian and podcaster Jim Hill recently did an episode dedicated to what wasn’t announced at D23. This included an expansion to the U.K. pavilion at Disney’s Epcot. Rumors have been swirling about the United Kingdom getting a facelift for years, as the pavilion was originally slated to be larger than it currently is, but the deal fell through. Hill has heard rumblings that Mary Poppins is on her way after the sequel Mary Poppins Returns drops next year. The area, called Cherry Tree Hill, would be a glorified Meet-And-Greet for the Mary Poppins character, along with a version of the carousel from the original film. As you can see in the Google Maps image below, there’s a large chunk of unused land next to the U.K. Pavilion to build on, directly across from the main World Showcase foot traffic artery. Should Cherry Tree Lane be built there, it would have the added effect of alleviating clusters of guests and helping redistribute traffic flow.

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