Someone Ate An Astonishing 113 Pancakes In 8 Minutes To Set A New World Record

The last time we saw competitive eater Matt Stonie was July 4 when eight-time Nathan’s Hot Dog Eating Champion Joey Chestnutt humbled him by out-eating him by a 70-52 margin. It was a crushing failed attempt at defending his hot dog eating title, one that might break any normal man. But, you see, Matt Stonie is no normal man. He has the heart (and stomach) of a champion, and champions never say die.

While Stonie may have lost his hot dog crown to Chestnutt, he’s still the No. 1 ranked eater in the world. He reminded everyone of this fact at the recent 2016 World Pancake Eating Championship, held in Chico, Calif., where he accomplished one of the greatest competitive achievements of all time.

To the soundtrack of the classic Top Gun famed song “Danger Zone” and Karate Kid classic “You’re The Best Around,” Stonie shoved down a new world record 113 silver-dollar pancakes in eight minutes, blowing out the second place finisher by 24 pancakes. His effort was good for a $4,000 prize — and more importantly — some much-needed redemption.

At one point early on in the contest, the PA announcer clearly saw a shift in Stonie’s behavior, to which he pointed out to the crowd.

“You can see the concentration on Stonie’s face, he’s locked into that Stonie rhythm, and when he gets locked into that rhythm beautiful things happen!”

Indeed they do. From that point on Stonie pulled away from the competition, and the rest was history.

Stonie took to Twitter to announce his dominating performance complete with a #PoweredByPancakes hashtag.

The world record pancake achievement can now be added to the Stonie competitive eating legend that includes eating 71 ribs in five minutes, 241 wings in 10 minutes, 25 Big Mac’s in 22 minutes, 182 slices of bacon in five minutes, and 5.5 pounds of birthday cake in nine minutes.

He’s the best around…