Think Working At McDonald’s Is Wasting Your Life? This Employee Has An Important Message For The Haters

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As the son of not one, but two long-term McDonald’s managers and someone who worked for the Golden Arches for seven years, I’m more than familiar with the stigma against working for McDonald’s as an adult. Regularly, admonitions from elementary school teachers that we’d end up working in fast food if we didn’t study ended with a sideways glance, a wince and a whispered apology (because they knew where my mom and dad worked). That’s why this Facebook post from McDonald’s employee Mike Waite telling haters what’s up hits all the appropriate “Yaasss Kweeeen” buttons for me.

The Edinburgh man has had enough of people talking down about employees who work in fast food, especially because we can’t trust robots to do it. He noted that many of them are using the job as a springboard to a better career. Via his Facebook post:

“YES, I work at Mcdonalds and do it nearly 50 hours a week. Why? Not because I have no aspiration, motivation or intelligence…but for the opposite…because in a few months time like a great number of people I work with I will be going back into higher education. McDonalds has this reputation which is quite unfounded in the recent age, every person I work with has a story and every person is working their ass off in what can be a very tough job for their own reasons…be it they are in school, uni, have family, have kids, saving…etc. The one thing McDonalds is is a job which is extremely (extremely) flexible, has opportunities for growth and can allow you to do what you want to do. There are people becoming pilots, lawyers, designers, architects, and people who are at a point in their life that they will do whatever it takes to look after their family.”

He added that he’s proud of the work he puts in, before ending the post in the only appropriate manner: “Now, what drink would you like with that order?”

Check out the post, which has been shared thousands of times, in full below:

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